How not to upset people

always try to give smile to others


Well, you may be talking to the wrong guy here, if I’m honest. But one way I do try to avoid this is by not accepting awards on my blog. I’ve had loads of nominations, and usually I just put them in a drawer somewhere. The problem is that if you accept then you have to nominate others. How can I do that, choose from all the people who are kind enough to follow and comment here? If I don’t include somebody, they might well be justified in thinking ‘Oi! What did I do wrong?’

The other day, Aiming For Simplicity nominated me for a Liebster Award. I wasn’t going to accept it, because of the ‘who else deserves one?’ problem. But then I got to thinking. I’m not a big one for rules anyway, so why not bend a few? So I agreed to answer the questions, and…

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